ROTARY IN ACTION – this is how our community is presenting itself to the world and RI President Barry Rassin chose “Be an Inspiration” as his year’s motto. Our conference’s programme duly reflects this ambition. Projects supported by our Rotary Clubs and their partners in the Slovanský Ostrov Park on Saturday 18 May will be presented all day long and we expect a heavy public turnout for this event. This will coincide with a meeting of Rotary programme graduates, who are not members of the Rotary Alumni Association for the time being. Unconventionally we house District Conferences of Rotary Clubs and Rotaract clubs “under one roof”. An Inter Country Meeting will map a week of rich and varied activities and there is definitely a lot to choose from.



PRAGUE ROTARY WEEK (11-19 May 2019) is primarily intended for the general public and foreign participants of a District Conference of Czech and Slovak Rotary Clubs. It will open with the 10th annual Dragon Boat Race, a popular project organized by RC Prague International (with 25 boats competing on average) and each of the next days will bring a Rotary event for the general public. Every day, two pleasure boats set sail to excursions to out-of-Prague destinations (one is shorter, the other is longer), each connected with encounters with local Rotary Club members. The week end is associated with the agenda of the District Conference proper.


A DISTRICT CONFERENCE OF CZECH AND SLOVAK ROTARY CLUBS is scheduled for Saturday 18 May 2019. In the morning, working section the clubs’ delegates discuss and vote on documents pertaining to the activities of their club and district. The expert part is open to the public and this time it will focus on ethics and corporate and social responsibility issues. At a gala evening, the present District Governor, Zdeněk Michálek (RC Ostrava) will hand the keys to his successor, Ilja Chocholouš (RC Praha City) and awards will be given for the best promotion of the Rotary in the past year. An art evening and friendly meeting will be rewards for all and sundry. All three parts of the Rotary Clubs’ District Conference will take place in the Main Hall of the Žofín Palace.


A SHOW OF FOREIGN STUDENTS will mark the pinnacle of their yearlong sojourn in Czech and Slovak cities and high schools. In an almost one-hour programme of sketches and music spots they will profile their home countries and values, and show what they have learned here. We owe the project to the efforts of the District Youth Exchange Committee, led by Jaromír Barák (RC Třebíč) and an association of ROTEX alumni. The show will take place on Saturday 18 May 2019 in the Main Hall at ŽOFÍN. The students will also attend other events associated with the District Conference, including Friday’s steam ship ride on the Vltava and Saturday’s evening at Žofín.


The INTER COUNTRY MEETING is being prepared by the district’s mixed Inter Country Committees under the guidance of our district’s National Coordinator Otakar Veselý (RC Český Krumlov) and will take place on 16-19 May 2019. Czech and Slovak Rotary Clubs cooperate on the ICC basis with their partners in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia-Montenegro, and Armenia. There are also numerous contacts with partners in other countries, such as Sweden, Japan, Britain, Italy, the USA and elsewhere. Our friends from these Rotary Clubs are cordially invited to the PRAGUE ROTARY WEEK. All foreign participants will meet ion Friday morning, 18 May 2019 in the Wallenstein Palace, seat of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.


The DISTRICT CONFERENCE OF CZECH AND SLOVAK ROTARACT CLUBS will be held on Saturday 18 May 2019 in the Knights Hall of the Žofín Palace under the aegis of DRR Blahoslav Maršálek (RAC Brno) and will discuss Rotaract clubs’ activities and their role in the Rotaract’s European Information Centre, where they are represented by Samuel Slermann (RAC Nitra), and other issues (English is the working language). An evening and night on Friday have been booked in a Prague music club and DJ Vickray Kistamahe will entertain the crowd in the Žofín Palace Small Hall on Saturday evening. The RAC conference is organized by Rotaract Club Prague, other parts of the programme are a shared effort.


ALUMNI RECONNECT DAY will give earlier Rotary Programme participants an opportunity to renew their contacts with the RCs that nominated them and to establish new contacts within the Rotary. PRAGUE ROTARY WEEK will highlight those activities and entice both the members of the Rotary Alumni Association and people interested in the Rotary. We will have a parade of RC-supported projects and partners in the Žofín Park on Saturday.


The meeting of the INNER WHEEL MORAVA CLUB will take the form of excursion to historical Prague and its Castle in the morning hours of Saturday 18 May 2019, also attended by persons escorting Rotarians at their District Conference. Inner Wheel Morava Club, mainly consisting of Rotarian wives, will present its activities in the foyer of Palace Žofín, and the President of Inner Wheel District 192, Austria and Czech Republic Beate Müller of IWC Salzburg will be a guest of honour at the Rotary Clubs’ District Conference.